Secession Y'all: Why Texas Can Pull It Off

Spurred by the Texas petition for "peaceful withdrawal" that awaits an official White House response, I took to The Daily Caller to explain just why Texas is uniquely qualified to break away... and succeed.  The piece has been getting a ton of attention.  Click here to read!

"The Political Novel for this Election Season"

The Cato Institute is out with a nice new book review.  From Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies Ilya Shapiro:
"I'm a few months late on this, but while the Supreme Court was figuring out what to do with Obamacare, a work of political fiction came out that captures the tone of Washington better than any of Bob Woodward tick-tock tomes."
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"You may have trouble putting it down..."

A great new review from
As Jim Valvano said in his now famous speech, "Every day you should laugh, think, and have your emotions moved to tears."  Regardless of your political affiliation, this book certainly can help you do all of those."  
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"Smiley's a Prophet..."

Thanks to blogger Z for yesterday's gushing review of Don't Mess with Travis.
If you don't get this book... I swear... you will be missing the FUNNIEST, most terrific book I've read in a long time for pure conservative entertainment.
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Ben Travis lands at Princeton

Though Ben Travis is as un-Ivy League as they come, that didn't stop his book from gracing the pages of the Princeton Alumni Weekly.  Click to enlarge:

Book Tour 2012: Austin


 Photos courtesy of Marti Smith.

Travis in Texas Monthly Magazine

Getting caught up on press stuff -- Don't Mess with Travis landed a shout out in the May issue of Texas Monthly Magazine. Click picture to enlarge!

Travis in the LA Weekly...

The LA Weekly recently caught up with me and the story of how a Princeton kid from Southern California ended up writing a political satire about Texas secession...

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BREITBART.COM: "Don't Mess with Travis is one of the year's best..."

An incredible review today from Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large over at  Here's how it opens:
Conservatives aren't supposed to be funny.  According to the elites, we can't be, what with our brains so full of racism, misogyny, and greed.  Thankfully, no one told this to author Bob Smiley, whose debut novel Don't Mess with Travis is one of the year's best, and arguably the most stinging work of political satire since Christopher Buckley's Boomsday.
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New Book Review...

With me heading to Texas on Tuesday, this review from one of America's biggest papers couldn't come at a more perfect time:
Who says conservatives don't have a sense of humor? For years, conservative patron saint William F. Buckley Jr. regaled audiences with both his humor and his books, including several works of fiction.  Now, a former Buckley research assistant, Bob Smiley, has delivered his debut novel just time for election season.
It only gets better.  Full review available here.